Why the Weibull Distribution Is Always Welcome

Why the Weibull Distribution
Is Always Welcome

In college I had a friend who could go anywhere and fit right in.
He'd have lunch with a group of professors, then play hacky-sack with
the hippies in the park, and later that evening he'd hang out with the
local bikers at the toughest bar in the city. Next day he'd play pickup football
with the jocks before going to an all-night LAN party with his gamer pals.
On an average weekend he might catch an all-ages show with the
small group of straight-edge punk rockers on our campus,
or else check out a kegger with some townies,
then finish the weekend by playing some D&D with his friends from the...



Build a DIY Catapult for DOE Design of Experiments part 2

Build a DIY Catapult for DOE
(Design of Experiments), part 2

In my last post, I shared my plans for building a simple do-it-yourself
catapult for performing experiments to practice using design of experiments (DOE).

That's the completed catapult there on the right.
If you want to build your own, here are my plans and instructions

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in a PDF.

Now that my catapult is built, I have one last step to complete: to find
the optimal catapult setting using DOE, which I'll do with Minitab
Statistical Software.
(If you'd like to follow along but don't already have it,
please download the 30-day free trial of Minitab.)



Build a DIY Catapult for DOE Design of Experiments part 1 copy copy

Build a DIY Catapult for DOE
(Design of Experiments), part 1

I needed to find a way to perform experiments to practice using design of
experiments (DOE), so I built a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) catapult.
The basic plan for the catapult is based on the table-top troll catapult from

My catapult is not as attractive as the troll catapult; my goal was to build a
catapult with multiple adjustable factors—and not to lay siege to a castle—
so I don’t mind the rough appearance of my catapult.

The frame consists of two pieces of 40 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm wood, two...



Evaluating a Gage Study With One Part

Evaluating a
Gage Study With One Part

Recently, Minitab News featured an article that talked about how to perform
a Gage R&R Study with only one part. This prompted many users to contact
our technical support team with questions about next steps, like these:

What can I do with the output of a Gage study with only one part?
How can I use the variance component estimates to obtain meaningful

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information about my measurement system?
By themselves, the variance component estimates from the ANOVA
output for a Gage study with just one part are not particularly useful.
However, if we combine what we’ve learned about the variance for...



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