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 Minitab 17 FAQ


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 Minitab 16 FAQ


Q. Why Minitab not opening after clicking icon?. I installed it successfully.


Intrusion detection software is used to detect malicious activity on your computer and home network. This type of software is usually bundled with home antivirus security suites. For example, Symantec Internet Security or McAfee Internet Security both include some level of intrusion detection.

It is characteristic of this type of software to prevent applications from launching, and we have received reports of users experiencing problems launching Minitab applications when intrusion detection software is installed on the same computer. It is recommended that you contact the manufacturer of your Intrusion Detection Software package for instructions on creating an exception for a specific application, such as Minitab. This concept is very similar to adding an exception to the Windows XP firewall for Internet enabled applications.

Q. What is Automatic Activation in Minitab 16?


Automatic activation begins when a customer enters a Product Key into the software and clicks Activate. The software packages and encrypts the data required for the activation process. The data is then sent via an HTTP post over port 80 to a server at Minitab, where the information is validated. A response is sent back to the customer, again via HTTP post over port 80.

Q. What is internet activation in Minitab 15?


Internet activation begins when a customer enters an activation code into the

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software and clicks Next. The software packages and encrypts the data required for the activation process. The data is then sent via an HTTP post over port 80 to a server at Minitab, where the information is validated. A response is sent back to the customer, again via HTTP post over port 80.

Q. What is the new Move licensing feature in Minitab 16?


The Move License feature allows for a single-user license to be moved to a new computer without having to contact Minitab Support. During this process the license will be deactivated on the current computer and a new Product Key will be generated for use on a new computer.

Not all product licenses can be moved. If you meet one of the following criteria, you cannot use the Move License feature:

Purchased an E-Academy (OnTheHub.com) License

Purchased a Timed or Fixed Duration License

Activated the software using Web Activation

To Move a License:

Go to Help > Licensing to launch the Minitab Single-User License Utility.

Click Move.

Click Yes to confirm you want to deactivate the product on the current computer.

Click Save to text file to save the new Product Key to a location on your computer.

Activate your software on a new computer using the Product Key created during the Move process.

Q. Can I use my Apple Laptop to install Minitab and Quality Companion?


Currently, Minitab does not offer a Macintosh version of Minitab or Quality Companion. However, you can run Minitab and Quality Companion on a Macintosh if you have installed Windows virtualization software. Virtualization software allows you to install Windows onto your Intel-Based Macintosh which allows you to install Windows applications. In addition to purchasing virtualization software, you must own or purchase a copy of Microsoft Windows to use this solution. While we do not support running in this environment, we have received positive feedback from Minitab Macintosh users using these solutions.

Vmware Fusion v1.x/2.x:

Vmware Fusion is a Windows desktop virtualization product offered by Vmware Inc. For information about the product and company, see the link, Vmware Fusion, below.

Known Issues with Vmware Fusion:

Some users have been prompted to activate their software multiple times. Minitab applications capture the CPU ID of the processor when you install and activate your product. Dual core processors have multiple CPU IDs and the default settings in Vmware Fusion only allow for the

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system to detect one CPU ID at any given time. This may randomly cause you to be prompted for your activation code and to activate again. In most cases this issue can be resolved by modifying a processor setting in Vmware Fusion. Updating this setting forces VMWare Fusion to treat each individual core as a separate processor which makes both CPU IDs visible to the system. To modify the processor setting, do the following.

Open Vmware Fusion and go to the Virtual Machine menu and select Settings. Expand the System

Hardware category and select Processors. Update the virtual machine setting to be configured to use 2 Virtual Processors. Please note, your virtual machine must be shutdown for you to update this setting.

Apple Boot Camp:

Boot Camp is an Apple product that allows you to install and dual boot your Intel-Based Macintosh in Mac OS X or Windows. For information about the product and company, see the link, Apple's Boot Camp, below.

This product is included for free as part of Mac OS X Leopard (v10.5). This product has been available in a beta version until it was included as part of Mac OS X Leopard (v10.5).

Parallels Desktop for Mac v4.x:

Parallels is a PC desktop virtualization product offered by Parallels, Inc. For more information about the product and company, see the link, Parallels, Inc., below.

Known Issues with Parallels Desktop:

Some users have been prompted to activate their software multiple times. In most cases this issue can be resolve by modifying the CPU settings in Parallels Desktop v4.x. To modify the CPU setting, do the following.

Open Parallels Desktop and go to the Virtual Machine menu and select Configure. Expand the Hardware category and select CPU. Update the Number of CPUs to the maximum number available in the drop down menu. Please note, your virtual machine must be shut down for you to update this setting.

Please note, Parallels Desktop v3.x does not support multiple virtual processors within the virtual environment.

Please note that running Minitab applications in any of these environments has not been rigorously tested, and Minitab does not support this. It is strongly recommended that you download trial version of Minitab or Quality Companion to test in this environment before purchasing. As a service to our customers, we will post known problems with any of these solutions. If you have positive or negative feedback, please send your feedback to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q. Will the multi-user versions of Minitab or Quality Companion run on a remote access system such as Terminal Services, Thin Client, or Citrix?


Currently, Minitab and Quality Companion are not officially tested in a terminal services environment. We do, however, have customers who run these successfully in such an environment. Most customers set Minitab up as a published application by installing it on each server involved in the load-balanced configuration.

Citrix uses the same licensing technology as Minitab software. Therefore we recommend installing the Minitab License Manager on a server outside of the Citrix farm and having the Minitab "clients," in this example the Citrix servers, point to it.

Because the terminal will not handle processing, use the following general guideline for installing Minitab or Quality Companion in a terminal services environment: To serve n users, the host machine must have enough resources for n copies of Minitab or Quality Companion to run at one time.

Q. I am getting an error while starting service of license manager

"The Minitab License Manager service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service”.


This error usually indicates a problem with the license file. To resolve the issue, check the following:

The license file should be saved with Notepad and with ANSI encoding.

The license file must have a .lic extension and must be named minitab.lic.

The license file must exist in the Minitab License Manager's installation directory. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Minitab\License Manager.

Only the text provided from the Multi-User Licensing website should appear in the license file.

Q. How can I locate my computer's MAC (physical) address?


You can obtain the MAC address of a Network Interface Card, also known as the physical address of the computer, by using the ipconfig command.

1. Access the command prompt:

- In Windows Vista or later, choose the Windows logo (Start). In the search box, type cmd and press [Enter].

- In previous version of Windows, choose Start > Run. In Open, type cmd. Click OK.

2. After the command prompt C:\>, type ipconfig /all, then press Enter.

The MAC address appears in Physical Address as a combination of 12 letters and numbers with a dash after every 2 characters. Example: 01-23-45-AB-CE-EF.

Q. Why do I receive the following error message?"FlexNET Error -89: This platform not authorized by license."


This error is commonly seen when multiple vendor daemons (other FlexNET license managers) are run on the same server, creating a network port conflict. To resolve this conflict, you can set the Minitab License Manager to run on another port such as 27005.

Q. How does Minitab calculate the normal curve that is overlaid on the histogram?


The normal curve = pdf( x ) * w * n


pdf( x ) = the probability density of a Normal distribution with the mean and standard deviation of the data

w = the bin width

n = number of (non missing) observations

This applies to Stat > Basic Statistics > Display Descriptive Statistics > Graphs > Histogram of data, with normal curve, Stat > Basic Statistics > Graphical Summary, Graph > Histogram > With Fit, Graph > Histogram > With Fit and Groups, and Stat > Quality Tools > Capability Analysis > Normal.


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